Land bridging Loan

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For developers looking to purchase or refinance land our specialists can help, even if planning consent has not yet been granted.

What is a Land Bridging Loan?

A land bridging loan is a short-term loan, typically used for a piece of land that has not yet been built upon. We are experienced at securing land bridging loans for developers who want to purchase or refinance land which has been used for storage, agriculture, equestrian use or any piece of land that has the potential for development. We work with property developers who want to apply for a change of use or change the existing planning permission to carry out their development project. As land for development is often hotly contested, we are used to working at speed to arrange land bridging loans so that our clients are best placed to secure the land they need for their projects.

What are the Key Features of Bridging Loans for Land?

  • Up to 70% Loan to Value.
  • Rates from 0.75% per month.
  • Terms up to 36 months.
  • Minimum loan size £250k
  • No maximum limit
  • Countrywide loans available