International Mortgages

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Lending across multiple countries can be extremely complex. There are several factors to navigate including currencies, regulation and completely different legal guidelines in each jurisdiction.

For many years we have worked with clients who operate across multiple cities in Europe. We’re adept at finding solutions to assist our clients buying properties internationally. Many European countries have very different tax systems to the UK, so it is important that our clients take advice on this specific area.

What is an International Mortgage?

International mortgages cover a variety of situations. These commonly include:

  • Foreign national with UK property Investment or residential over £500k
  • UK Expat with UK Property investment or residential over £500k
  • Foreign national or UK national with property in Spain, Italy or France over £5m

Specialist Access

With access to International private banks and investment banks, Mesa Financial can assist with debt structuring on prime and super prime assets in the main cities across Europe.

When looking at borrowing against these assets, lenders will want to understand the overall wealth of our clients. This helps us to find a deal that can be structured around the client.