High Net Worth Mortgages

Why do you need a specialist?

Borrowing for the high net worth market is often far more difficult than people assume.

Most high street banks have a lending cap of £1m when it comes to mortgages. This can be very restrictive for prospective mortgage applicants when it comes to financing their dream home.

At Mesa Financial, our specialists have built relationships with the biggest private banks in Europe. This enables us to find mortgage offers with no cap, so no-matter how much you are looking to borrow, as long as the financials fit, we will be in a position to assist.

How can we help?

  • Mortgages over £1m+
  • Complex income structures
  • Bonus payments taken into account
  • No minimum income requirements
  • No asset under management requirement
  • Access direct to underwriters, not a computer decision

Our years of experience and relationships with the Private Banks mean that we are well placed to find you the right mortgage for your needs.

Why us?