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Development finance is used to fund new build development schemes as well as conversions and refurbs. This includes ground up new build developments, large multi-unit flats, mixed use development schemes and many other development projects. Whether you are repurposing an existing site or building from scratch, we can help you to fund the development from start to finish.

Understanding your Capital Stack

The capital stack is one of the most important concepts for investors interested in evaluating real estate risk and projected rate of return. Understanding the capital stack can protect your investment from undue risk, or insufficient gains. There are many ways to evaluate a potential investment in a commercial real estate deal, and the capital stack is among the most valuable – it lets you know who gets paid, in what order, and how much risk they carry.

Complex Development Loans

At Mesa Financial we are experienced at putting together bespoke lending facilities, often in highly complex cases for our developer clients. Our strength lies in our long-standing relationships with specialist lenders, private banks and investors. This means that we can find deals that are not available via highstreet lenders. Furthermore, we understand the range of options that developers require to provide some flexibility. Any development project can hit unexpected hurdles. With the right finances in place, we can help our developer clients to navigate these smoothly.

Loans for Land Purchase

Our contacts are a major asset for our developer clients.

We can help source finance for land purchase for development. We can also use our network to help developers find out about land purchase opportunities for future developments.