Development Exit Loans

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Development Exit Loan – why use it?

Development Exit Finance is a short-term loan often used by developers to repay a previous loan once the development work is nearing completion and the development has not yet been sold.

Exit loans can provide much needed flexibility and liquidity for developers who want to move onto their next development project. Development Exit Loans can also be arranged quickly.

One of the main advantages of a Development Exit Loan is that it is easier to get better interest rates nearer the completion of a project than it is at the start.

With so many factors that can add time and delays to a development project, loan deadlines can often come up too soon for developers. Development Exit loans can bridge that gap. In fact they act somewhat like a bridging loan. Development loans can provide much needed breathing space to developers so they can move onto their next project without having to rush through a sale.

With a Development Exit Loan you can typically:

  • Avoid extension fees on your current develop loan
  • Pay back early without early repayment charges
  • Borrow to allow time to sell a finished development
  • Borrow the money to finish a development
  • Leverage against the increase value of a development