What Has The Pandemic Taught Businesses?

By the end of March we would have basically been in lock down for a whole year, minus a few summer months where the generous government gave us some half price food. With this in mind I have been reflecting on the last year and starting to review businesses we have worked with. I then […]

Development Finance – five things to consider before your loan

application Development finance and leverage is a fundamental part of the process when delivering new homes in the UK as well as internationally. Here are five important things to consider before going ahead with your development finance application. Headline rates Please do not be completely led by the headline rate when you are looking into […]

Self Employed Mortgages – 3 facts you need to know!

1. You do not need 3 years accounts to get a mortgage. Contrary to a lot of rumours you do not need 3 years trading accounts to obtain a mortgage, there are numerous lenders in the market now assisting clients with only one years trading accounts. As an advisor we will always ask for 3 years […]

Is The High Street Dying?

So another high street main player is currently on the brink of collapse it seems. Reading an article today regarding the struggles of House of Fraser and it made me think about the high street model. In a world that is changing so fast, there are not many high street giants moving with the times. […]